Many event coordinators will tend to solely focus on the upcoming gathering as opposed to the invite. While creating the perfect atmosphere for an event is certainly important, an equal amount of effort should go into the correct design of an invitation. Not only will these communicate valuable information to the guest, but invitations can also define the anticipated atmosphere of the event and what the guests should expect. This is extremely critical when referring to such one-time celebrations as a wedding, an anniversary or a graduation.

So, some of the key strengths of a well-designed invite are:
  • A discreet conveyance of the details of the gathering.
  • The ability for guests to respond and confirm that they will be attending.
  • A card will help define the atmosphere of the event.

Some Unique Tips to Help Craft an Unforgettable Invitation

The material that the text will be printed on will lend an air of originality and style. This is the main reason why some of the most innovative designs incorporate different types of paper, metallic or antiqued finishes and will even employ such durable materials as vinyl or plastics.

Including matching envelopes is a great way to maintain the continuity of the card. Many professional designers will take this into account and provide such envelopes and invites. It should also be recalled that a uniquely coloured or designed envelope is more likely not to be overlooked when mail is received.

Be certain to plan far ahead. Not only is this essential to give the guests adequate time to respond, but many unique invites will take a considerable amount of time to produce. This will be especially true if a well-known designer is used. Although the invitations should be sent at least one month prior to the event, an additional four to six weeks should be allowed for the production of the invites themselves.

Increase the entire number of invites by twenty percent. Although this may seem a bit odd, there will inevitably be address errors and perhaps even some letters lost in postage. By adding extra invites, this potential pitfall can be adeptly avoided.

As mentioned earlier, printing the correct syntax and text is absolutely critical for conveying the correct impression of the gathering. Thus, an informal birthday party invite will invariably contain different wording to a 50th wedding anniversary. The tonality must reflect how the event will come across.

A particularly pivotal life event should be reflected in an equally memorable invitation. It is for this reason that a wedding or a university graduation invite will frequently include high quality calligraphy. This personal touch accomplished by a seasoned professional will avoid a "bland" feel that bulk produced and printed cards can often reflect.

Thinking outside of the box is also a great way to help bring an invitation to life. Birthday invitations attached to balloons or an invite that contains a "secret number" that wins a prize are excellent ideas while simply adding a bit of glitter can add flair and personality.

So, some of the most relevant tips can be summarized as:
  • Choose innovative printing materials.
  • Provide matching envelopes
  • Plan far ahead for manufacture and delivery.
  • Accommodate for missed addresses or lost mail.
  • Include relevant text.
  • Choose calligraphy for important life events.
  • Think of unique design options to lend personality to an invitation.