Used Car Dealers

Used Car Dealers

used car dealers

While only a few short years ago the concept of buying used cars may have been shunned upon by the average Brit, a combination of the financial crisis and the fact that many pre-owned vehicles are still valuable investments have helped to dramatically change this way of thinking. The quantity of used car sales has mushroomed in recent years and many dealerships are offering second-hand vehicles at dramatically reduced prices. A number of recent news stories can help to illustrate this shift in consumer spending.

The Advantages of Purchasing a Used Car

Buying used cars is much different than it used to be. Some may conjure up images of a rusted out chassis with no functioning headlights propped in front of a trailer park. Indeed, times have dramatically changed and these vehicles are now some of the most sought after investments on the open market, and for good reason.

One of the primary advantages of purchasing a used car is the fact that car dealers are much more willing to include limited warranties than they were in the past. Thus, consumers will enjoy more financial protection and can rest assured that should a problem arise, the dealer will be held liable. This takes much of the risk out of any such purchase.

Let us also not forget that many of these vehicles are but a few years old. Therefore, the majority of these cars still boast some of the most modern technological innovations. These can include but are not limited to anti-lock brakes, power windows and doors, GPS navigation and even the possibility to purchase a hybrid vehicle.

Additionally, many of the most trusted brand names are available. Such recognized manufacturers as Ford, Vauxhall, Audi, BMW, Toyota and Honda used cars are all within reach at seemingly bargain-basement prices. This cannot be overstated, as purchasing a national brand with a relatively low amount of mileage can equate to dramatic savings as opposed to leasing a new model that will be priced substantially higher.

Simply stated, some of the undeniable advantages of purchasing a new car include:
  • Many of these vehicles come with a substantial warranty.
  • Many used cars can be bought at a relatively young age; some only two or three years old.
  • The ability to choose from recognized and trusted brand names.
  • A substantially lower price tag.

Tips When Choosing a Used Car

While these previous facts are undeniable, there are nonetheless a few important things that need to be remembered when thinking about a used car purchase.

The first consideration is involved with the dealerships themselves. Only choose a dealer with a proven track record and a sound reputation.

Obtain a history report of the vehicle that is intended to be purchased. This report will detail any accidents, replacements and how many previous owners the vehicle has had. It is advisable to only purchase a car that has had only one owner, as it is more likely to be in sound condition.

Check the vehicle's mileage. A general rule of thumb is that any used cars that have over 40,000 miles may become problematic, as it is around this distance when the owner may experience trouble with mechanical parts such as the brakes, the undercarriage or the transmission.

Thoroughly test drive the chosen vehicle. While many dealers may not offer such a service openly, this is essential to determine if the car handles as good as may be advertised. Even well-known names such as Ford, Audi, Vauxhall and Mercedes-Benz should all be double checked for any problems.

To summarize - Used car tips:
  • Select a reputable used car dealer.
  • Acquire a recent and valid history report.
  • Choose a car whose odometer reading is less than 40,000 miles.
  • Take the car for a test drive.