Motorbikes & Mopeds

Motorbikes & Mopeds


There are many different ways to get from A to B, but there's no doubt that a motorbike is one of the best. People choose a bike over a car for the additional freedom they offer, and to feel the wind as they drive. Most bikes also tend to use less petrol than other vehicles which puts them out in front of the competition. Motorbikes are extremely popular in busy cities as they are able to slip in and out of traffic, making the journey a lot faster.

Driving a two-wheeled vehicle legally

To drive a motorised vehicle of any type, you need a licence. With so many different types of licence available in the UK though, this can be quite confusing at times! The most important part is to ensure you have at minimum, a provisional licence.

Once you've got the provisional licence, the next step is to complete the CBT as this allows you to drive some vehicles with "L" plates. You then need to ensure you complete the main theory and practical test within two years. If it's not done within that time-frame, the CBT needs to be re-done.

It's best to go to the DVLA website ( and use the information they provide there to ensure you're complying with all UK laws as penalties for not driving with the correct licence can be severe.

Types of bike

Travelling bikes
These bikes are used for long-distance travelling across the World. Built around the fact you'll be sat on them for many hours at a time, they're extremely comfortable. They tend to come with plenty of features to make sure you don't regret not taking the car! It's not uncommon to find heated seats and handlebars, as well as a large luggage hold to hold enough for two people.

Sports bikes
The sports bike is the flashy, fast king of the bikes. They're known for their acceleration and speed. Although they tend to be expensive, a sports bike is also a status symbol these days as they don't generally get used to their full potential as they have the ability to go much faster than the speed limit.

Cruising bikes
Easily the most recognisable type of motorbike, the cruiser is there to get you to your destination in style. Sometimes called "low-riders", the seating is quite low to the ground and it sometimes looks as if the driver is almost lying down. This is the bike typically used by people who tour around together in bike clubs.

Urban living needs something small, fast and efficient. Scooters are extremely popular in cities because of this. Normally, their top speed is lower than a motorbike, but in a city that's not needed. They excel at squeezing through small gaps in traffic and handle efficiently to ensure you get from A to B in a safe and fast fashion.