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The Benefits of Utilizing Transport Companies to Ship a Vehicle

Car shipping is a multi-million dollar industry in the United States and a multi-billion dollar business across the globe. Many individuals and companies will choose this unique means of transport due to the fact that it is both logistically convenient and in many cases a way to actually save money.

While the cost benefits of shipping an car cannot be denied, another key influential factor is that the services provided are fully insured. Thus, any accidents or other instances that may harm a vehicle should be fully reimbursed. This is an attractive option for a company wishing to relocate its employees across the country or around the world.

A third factor is simple convenience; transport companies will often ship a car and provide door-to-door service. This benefit cannot be overstated when one has many other things to consider during what may prove to be a complicated move. Car shipping companies will remove this burden of responsibility and help make such a transition easier and more efficient.

To summarize - Primary advantages for car shipping include:
  • A cost-effective means of ensuring the timely and safe delivery or a vehicle.
  • A fully insured service in the case of an accident or any unintended damage.
  • Door-to-door services that can ease the logistical burden of a complicated move.

While there are important advantages, it is important to address some areas of potential concern regarding car shipping as well as provide a few tips to help make this process quick and easy.

The most important step to take before choosing any particular service is to research the available companies as not all car transport businesses are the same. Perform an online check to see if there have been any major, unresolved incidents related to the company in question. Are there a great many customer complaints and if there are, were they addressed sufficiently? An excellent barometer that is often used as the benchmark of a solid company is to determine as to whether they are listed on the website of the Better Business Bureau and if they are in good standing.

Compare and contrast at least three different companies and the costs associated with each. While many may provide the same level of service, there can often times be a substantial cost difference. This will help guarantee that the best price is obtained. Thankfully, this can be accomplished with a few minutes of online research.

Record the condition of the car before handing it over to any employees. This is important, for if any damage occurs during the shipping process it will easily be noticed upon arrival. It is advisable to have a representative of the company sign off on the report, as this will help guarantee that there are no future discrepancies.

Determine the extent of their private insurance company and what their coverage offers. There are instances where a car shipping service will only provide basic liability as opposed to a more comprehensive package. This is important, for a customer's private provider will likely be liable for any additional fees should a fire or a theft occur while the car is en route.

To summarize - Car shipping 'Must Dos':
  • Determine the reputation of the company.
  • Record the condition of the vehicle before transport.
  • Shop around for the best price.
  • Question the extent of insurance coverage.