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The Rising Popularity of Car Rentals

As a greater number of individuals and households are now taking to the road, car rental services have experienced an unprecedented amount of use in the last few years and the industry is considered to be experiencing its "boom years".

As well as agencies offering the latest and most stylish cars, one of the main reasons that car hire services have become popular is due to the fact that many of the vehicles boast efficient gas mileage and cleaner running engines. This means users result in spending less during an outing as they are less likely to fill up their car between trips.

Another important factor is that there are more rental agencies across the country than ever before, increasing competition and lowering overall prices. To attract more loyal customers, many companies are now offering lower insurance premiums, free roadside maintenance and a host of other attractive amenities.

The internet too has caused a veritable explosion in the number of rentals each year. Consumers can easily search online and find the most appropriate rental company while comparing and contrasting different offers at the click of a button. Thus, within minutes the best available deals can be found.

To summarize - Reasons for the burgeoning nature of this industry include:
  • More efficient vehicles equate to higher gas mileage.
  • A higher number of agencies leads to more competitive prices and amenities.
  • Online portals allow for greater exposure and the ability for consumers to compare different deals.

The Basic Facts When Renting a Car

While there are more avenues than ever for an individual to rent a car, a few variables should be kept in mind in order to procure the best and most reliable deal on the market.

Here are a few brief tips to help ensure that the process of renting a car is performed smoothly and effectively.

One of the first steps to streamlining a car rental is to bring all of the necessary paperwork upon arriving at the agency. The two most important items to bring are one's driver's license and a valid credit card. Sometimes insurance papers may also need to be provided and this will depend entirely on the agency being used.

It is important to consider the type of vehicle needed carefully. For a weekend getaway only a few hundred miles away, a budget rental such as a two-door may be appropriate. While for a longer duration holiday,it is best to choose a vehicle that provides a higher gas mileage and enough space needed for a comfortable and enjoyable trip (an SUV or crossover).

If you wish to find out more about the car's performance and the agency's upkeep and maintenance delivery, asking to see the the service history of the vehicle being rented can provide you with a valuable insight.

Finally, carefully check the history of the car hire company itself. Although nationalized enterprises may boast well-known reliability, local or regional companies should be examined in terms of customer service, emergency response and vehicle reliability.

To summarize - Car rental considerations include:
  • Being prepared with the correct paperwork.
  • Choosing the best vehicle for the intended trip.
  • Making certain that the car has a reliable service history.
  • Double checking the history of the company itself, particularly if the company is not well-known.